Loan Modification

Do you need help with your mortgage Loan Modification?

We have experts at negotiating and stopping foreclosure fast!

Our partners will work passionatly to correctly restructure your loan by skillfully negotiation with your lender.

We will provide our clients with the following benefits:

~ more afordable payments
~ lowered interest rates
~ save your credit
~ save your home from foreclosure

If you want to keep your Galveston area home we may be of some help by completing a Loan Modification with your lender. 

Use our professional services and key contacts we have with most lenders to complete a successful Loan Modification.

Most owners do not know what it takes to convince their lender to reduce their payments and principle. 

If we cant get a successful loan modification we will proceed with buying your home or stopping foreclosure through one of our many other home buying programs! 

Rent/Mod Purchase Combo

Already moved out or loosing your rental? 

We have developed a modification program for non-owner occupied homes (rentals). We simultaneously purchase the home and rent it out all while working a loan modification with you. Did I mention that we actually pay you to do this too?! 

Each and every month! 

Yes, we will pay you to stay into the deal each month while we negotiate a loan mod. 

Our goal is to produce a rental home with positive cash flow by reducing the monthly mortgage to a figure below today's market rent rate. We also give the tenant a discounted rate to make it worth their while to move in while we work with your lender to reduce payments. 

You get a portion for staying in the deal, we get a portion for working the loan modification, and the tenant gets a discount until we negotiate the lenders to a satisfactory and profitable monthly payment secured by a new loan or modified one.