Listing Your Home

The most proven way to get a full fair market price for your home is by listing your home with a licensed real estate agent.

Our local Galveston agents can market your home through the MLS (multiple listing service) which is where 90% of people go to look for a home to purchase. Galveston Agents also have experience in pricing and marketing homes to sell using GAR (Galveston Association of Realtors) and HAR (Houston Association of Realtors). Of course some agents are much, much better than others, and it’s critical to choose the best one – namely one that has EXTENSIVE experience. Hiring an agent is like buying an insurance policy. When things go wrong (which is common in real estate) having the right one will save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

The disadvantage to selling with an agent is the sales commission (6% of the sales price) and the time it takes to sell conventionally. Also, while the home is listed, the homeowner will need to keep paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. and keep the home looking good for prospective buyers.

For most people, that have equity in the home, this is still their best option, however, it is only one of many options and strategies available.

We, at Galveston Home Buyers, are not real estate agents. We are investors and utilize strategies that agents will not tell you about. We do, however, have affiliate Real Estate Brokerage companies and Agents that can assist you in listing your home for sale. These Realtors® sell our properties for us – they are the best.

When you call us to discuss selling your Galveston home, we will always talk to you about listing your home with one of our Galveston or Houston area Realtor® affiliates, and we will make you additional offers as well. We call this a “combo plan”. If you want one of our offers, great. If you want to list your home with our Realtor®, no problem, you can still take our offer as a back-up, and the Realtor® will agree to let you sell to us at any time, and you won’t have to pay them. We would rather you list your home with one of our agent partners so if something changes and you have to sell we are able to buy your home without worrying about an agent, their fees, and/or lack of knowledge.